Upfield Lanka joins Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka to celebrate International Chefs Day 2022

Upfield, the largest plant-based company and mother company for the brands Astra, Flora, and Meadowland in Sri Lanka, partnered and sponsored International Chef’s Day 2022 celebrations in Sri Lanka together with the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka. This event marks the first celebration of International Chef’s Day in two years by the Chef’s Guild due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

In celebration of International Chef’s Day, Upfield Lanka and the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka gathered culinary professionals across the country to reconnect and share the knowledge gained during the last two years.

The Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka is the only association in the country that is recognised by the World’s Chef Association, the leading global network of chef’s associations in the world and encompasses the largest number of chefs in Sri Lanka at every star-level hotel chain, resorts, and restaurants.  Upfield Lanka, a trusted choice by skilled professional chefs for supplying plant-based products that maximise taste and performance, while catering to the multitude of dietary choices among conscious consumers, were honoured to partner and sponsor the occasion with the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka.

International Chef’s Day is globally celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of chefs as artists of gastronomy, to share and discuss their fine culinary skills, new innovations, recognise achievements, and exceptional performances in the field.

At this year’s celebration, a professional book written by the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka was launched by the experts of the profession as a guidebook for beginners and existing chefs on how they can further upgrade their skills. The Chef’s Guild also emphasised the ethos and duty of the profession towards sustainability and the environment and their role in considering the impact that production, creation, and consumption of food has on the environment.

In light of this theme, Upfield’s vision of ‘A better Plant-based Future’ was shared among the professional chef community of Sri Lanka, highlighting how plant-based foods can make a difference, discussing the emerging trends in the food and culinary industry, and the role of plant-based food in supporting the chefs strive to create excellent food.

As the world gravitates towards health-conscious and sustainable dining, professional chefs are staying on trend, shifting their focus to offer more plant-based meals on their menus, keen to support a food culture that supports better health and a better climate that is ultimately beneficial to mankind. Choosing a plant-based diet is one of the best choices for the sustainability of the environment as plant-based products generate less greenhouse gas emissions and encourages more responsible and sustainable use of land, water, fuel, and fertiliser in its production than animal sourced products.  Upfield Lanka, the brand owner of plant-based products Astra, Flora, and Meadowland specifically designs its products to cater to consumers who wants to enjoy delicious plant-based foods. Upfield created “one dish for all” with plant-based creams like Meadowland that helps chefs make dishes that taste as if it was made with dairy creams. With Meadowland, chefs can also create dishes for anyone, even for those who are lactose/gluten intolerant.

As the world’s largest plant-based consumer products company, Upfield continues to be a pioneer in the food industry; a leader in advocacy for sustainable food systems through the adoption of plant-based foods among their consumers and culinary professionals. Through their partnership with the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka, Upfield Lanka looks forward to building and championing a sustainable plant-based food system together.