International Chefs Day – Sri Lanka 2023

October 20 is International Chefs Day, a global celebration. This is a very important day since it is a global celebration of chefs’ endless efforts to provide people with a variety of cuisines. In addition, the day inspires children to consider what career they want to pursue and how eating healthily now might help them get there.

Alone with its members, the Chefs Guild of Lanka has organized yet another saucerful International Chef’s Day 2023 under the theme “Healthy Foods for Growing Up”. Early exposure to the skill of cooking is crucial for cultivating culinary proficiency in children. Our goal with “Growing Great Chefs” is to spark children’s curiosity and inspire them to discover the diverse range of tastes, textures, and cultures present in the culinary arts.

Chefs Guild of Lanka - International Chefs Day

Children can learn how to cultivate their own food, appreciate fresh vegetables, and form a bond with nature by beginning and maintaining their own gardens. The event also promotes sustainability and ethical eating practices.

At this year’s celebration, events have been organized by the regional presidents in Kandy, Negombo, and Down South. Training, competitions and activities have been conducted by the members of the guild, highlighting how children should get involved in cooking for our families or ourselves. This day is a reminder that we all have a little chef inside us, and we can have fun experimenting in the kitchen. It’s also a gentle nudge to remember the importance of incorporating healthy eating habits into our daily routines.

In the evening, over 400 members got together to share our friendship and diplomacy in a celebration organized at the Saffron Beach Resort. Chefs from all over the island ,mostly Executive chefs, Sous chefs and the pastry chefs participated in this gathering on invitation .

The impact of our celebration goes beyond just one day. Let’s work to leave a lasting impression on these impressionable young brains, igniting a lifelong passion for sustainable practices, good nutrition, and cooking.