About Chef’s Guild of Lanka

Chef Neil founded the Chef Guild of Lanka in 1988. At that time he was the Executive Chef at the Colombo Hilton. Chefs Manfred Bruckner of Trans Asia Hotel (then known as the Colombo Renasissance) AND Emil Calisto of the Galadari Hotel as well as Mrs. Marie Nugapitiya‚ Senor Chef Lecture of the Ceylon Hotel School and School of Tourism ably supported him in his mission.

At the outset. As is the case with any new organization‚ the guild too‚ had to be content with a few members and they had the unstilted co-operation of the food and beverage managers and general managers of the hotels‚ who still continue to lend their unwavering support.  

The Objectives

Primarily Chef Guild of Lanka is an association that places great emphasis on forging new links of friendship and further strengthening the existing bonds of friendship of members. We believe this is the stepping – stone to achieving a greater objective that the promoting professional co-operation and mutual understanding, helping one another. For this we received resounding support from many International culinary organizations. We have conducted cross exposure training‚ affording opportunities to those in the trade both here and abroad.

Our Mission

  • To expand the goals of chefs and cooks and create new ideas to further enhance their professional status around the island.
  • To focus on training and development for chefs and cooks by setting up training institutions in developed and rural areas in cookery, pastry and bakery.
  • To promote high-quality products and technical knowledge, organize workshops and training courses by linking professional bodies to create awareness of the importance of Culinary Art.
  • Create links of friendship, professional co-operation and mutual understanding. National Event- CAFÉ, Culinary Art Food Expo- which is Sri Lanka’s biggest and foremost Food and Hotel exhibition that is held biennially.

How we work

“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.”

Gordon Ramsay
Master Chef,

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